This is a very easy and simple crispy fried chicken recipe. Only that you need more oil to fry them in one go, or you can just fry them in batches with less oil.

One tip which I learned about how to fry crispy chicken. Make sure the oil is hot over high heat, add in the chicken pieces, immediately turn down to medium low heat. Do not stir the chicken pieces during the first 1-2 minutes. Allow the chicken pieces to steep in hot oil to cook through. Before dishing up, turn to high heat to fry until chicken pieces are golden brown and crispy.

The flour coated skin is crispy especially at the edges and the meat is juicy and succulent.


8 pieces chicken drumsticks with skin on – washed and pat dry

1 egg

some salt and pepper for seasoning

A few tbsp all purpose seasoning flour [any brand] 

Extra all purpose seasoning flour for coating

  1. Rub chicken drumsticks with some cornstarch, then rinse under running water. Pat dry. 

  2. Rub salt and pepper [not too much as the seasoned flour maybe salty enough ] on each pieces of drumsticks. Add in egg, massage well and add in some all purpose seasoning flour. Massage well. Chill in fridge for 1 hour. 

  3. Before frying chicken pieces, coat with some all purpose seasoning flour [piece by piece]. Place of a plate.

  4. Meanwhile, heat oil over high heat in a wide wok. Put in the pieces of chicken slowly [piece by piece], then turn to medium low heat [leave chicken pieces fry without stirring them in the first 1-2 minutes of frying]. 

  5. Leave the chicken drumsticks to steep in the oil to cook through [takes about 8 minutes]. To check if chicken drumsticks are cooked, use a skewer to poke into the thicker part of meat. If liquid comes out clear, then it is cooked.

  6. Turn to high heat, fry until chicken pieces are golden brown and crispy. Dish up with a serrated ladle to drip off excess oil. 

  7. Serve hot, enjoy the crispy fried chicken in the comfort of you home.

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