August 3, 2020 marks half year of the Chinese lunar calendar.  Some Chinese families will prepare Kuih Ee as offerings to the deities or ancestors.  I do not follow this procedure, it is not a must for my family but with some extra free time, I did it.

Anyway, with all the ingredients available here is a recipe which I like to share.  For the syrup, I used a small bit of Penang local ginger [popularly known as Air Itam ginger] and Gula Merah.  The syrup is aromatic and sweetness is acceptable as a dessert. I also add some chopped red dates.  As for the rice balls, I used glutinous rice flour, pumpkin puree, water and some white sugar.  


[serves 4-5]

150 gm pumpkin puree

150 gm glutinous rice flour

1 tbsp fine sugar

a few tbsp water

600 ml water or more [depends on the sweetness you prefer]

100 gm gula merah

1 small knob of ginger – rinsed and lightly bruised

6 red dates – deseeded and chopped

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