Cooking Pleasure: CNY 2019 – YUAN PAO PINEAPPLE TARTS

Cheesy flavour ‘yuan pao’ pineapple tarts for this CNY.  Sure prosper with the nice, auspicious shaped pineapple tarts, hehehe!.

Like other pineapple tarts recipes, this recipe is also a keeper.  The tarts are lovely, soft, buttery and with the ‘fragile’ texture.  Loves the new shape that I made and happy with the store bought pineapple jam that is not too sweet.  Blends well with the not too sweet pastry. 


[makes 80 pieces]

Filling  – 250-300 gm pineapple jam-roll into small balls

1 egg yolk mix with 1 tbsp water for glazing

small paper cup cases

Pastry Ingredients

240 gm soft butter

20 gm icing sugar
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla essence
320 gm plain flour + 40 gm cornflour + 40 gm cheese powder

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