This noodle dish is inspired from Irene Yong’s You-tube video Vegan Sauteed Shark’s Fin.  I just added more glass noodles. 

A meatless, simple stir fry glass noodles that is tasty and delicious.  Serve with some cut chillies in soy sauce makes a satisfying meal.


100 gm glass noodles – soaked for 10-15 minutes

3 pieces King oyster mushrooms – rinsed, removed the head and tear the stems into strips [keep the head for other dishes or slice into thin strips]

80 gm wet foo peh – cut strips [I used 1 packet ready fried foo peh]

50 gm red carrots – peeled and shredded

1-2 tbsp oil

some chopped ginger

some chopped Chinese celery for garnishing


mushroom stock granules or vegetarian stock granules

vegetarian oyster sauce

salt to taste

sesame seed oil

  1. Fry mushrooms in wok without oil until fragrant [water will ooze out from the mushrooms, then dries up].  Push aside, add in oil, saute ginger until aromatic.
  2. Add in foo peh, carrots and seasoning.  Stir fry to mix well and add in water to cover ingredients.  Bring to boil.
  3. Add in glass noodles, continue to stir fry lightly until the water dries up and the noodles are moist.  Drizzle in some sesame seed oil and add in cut celery.
  4. Dish up.  Serve immediately.

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