Cooking Pleasure: EZ CARAMEL KAYA

This recipe was from a friend.  She explained it is very easy to prepare and I give it a go as my preserves is soon finishing.  I have being making caramel kaya with this recipe which uses 5 eggs and half of portion of this coconut milk of this recipe.  So if you are looking for a caramel kaya with less coconut milk then you can refer to this recipe.

From this recipe below, I was able to make 4-5 tubs [150 gm each].  Since the process of kaya making is about the same, why not prepare a bigger portion in one go.


[makes about 4 tubs x 150 gm]

6 eggs [AA size]

200 gm + 100 gm sugar

500 ml thick coconut milk

5-6 blades screw pine [pandan] leaves – washed and knotted

Ingredients for Caramel Kaya
Beaten  Eggs
Preparing Caramel
  1. Beat the eggs in a large bowl, then strained into another bowl.  Set aside.
  2. Place 100 gm sugar in a heavy base pan [I used a copper wok].  Cook caramel over medium low heat.  Stirring continuously until golden brown in colour and sugar has dissolved.  Off heat.  Remove from stove.
  3. Gradually pour in the coconut milk, stirring while you pour in the coconut milk.  Add in the remaining sugar and pandan leaves.  Continue to stir until the mixture is well mixed.  
  4. Remove from heat and leave to cool down for about 2 minutes before gradually adding in the beaten eggs.  Stir to mix well before returning to cook over low heat.
  5. Turn heat to low, place pan over it and continue to stir the mixture for about 15 minutes until paste is of runny consistency.  Paste will thicken slightly when cooled down.  NOTE: it is necessary to stir continuously here to prevent batter becoming lumpy.
  6. Store in plastic or glass tubs.  Refrigerate.

Stirring caramel with sugar, coconut milk
and pandan leaves


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