This is the first time I tried preparing soy sauce chicken this way.  Quite interesting way, no deep frying or braising but only repeatedly coating the chicken piece with the bubbly sauce until it is nicely brown.

Great to serve with rice or perhaps chicken rice and chilli sauce.  The chicken tastes savoury sweet and aromatic.  Do not discard the ginger slices.  They are tasty.


[serves 2-3]

Half a chicken – with skin intact – cleaned and pat dry

2-3 star anise

1 stalk spring onions – washed and knotted

2-3 tbsp light soy sauce

2-3 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tsp dark soy sauce

1 heaped tbsp rock sugar

10 slices of ginger

enough water

3 hard boiled eggs – optional

  1. Poke the chicken skin and meat with a skewer all over [to absorb the flavours.  Marinade with some salt and pepper.
  2. Heat a wok with some oil, arrange ginger slices, then place the chicken [skin side down] to fry until slightly browned.  Turn it over.
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients and enough water to cover the chicken piece.  Bring to boil, then cover with lid.
  4. Cook for about 10 minutes.  Remove lid, boil over low fire and start to coat chicken piece with bubbly sauce over and over again until it has a nice brown colour.
  5. Off heat, cool before cutting to serve.  Leftover sauce can be used to serve with rice.  The cooked chicken can be serve whole immediately, too.

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