This is another version of Kiam Hu Kut Gulai quite similar to my earlier posting here.  Today’s posting is a more spicy version.  In Penang, we can get fresh ready-mixed or precooked curry pastes for various types of curries. But I prefer to blend the curry paste myself as the result of home-cooked curry tastes different and better.

Aromatic, spicy curry which is so good to serve with a plate of steaming hot rice.


Curry Paste Ingredients I [blended and mix with powdered spices]

2 stalks lemongrass [white part only] – cut small pieces

100 gm shallots – peeled/cut

1/2 inch piece ginger – cut small bits

3 cloves garlic – peeled/cut

1 tsp tumeric powder

2 sprigs of curry leaves

Curry Paste Ingredients II [blended and mixed]

3 fresh red chillies – cut sections

20 pieces dried chillies – soaked and cut sections

1.5 tbsp belacan [shrimp paste] powder

Other Ingredients

5 pieces salted fish bones – rinsed and soaked for 5 minutes, drained

150 gm long beans – break into 1 inch length pieces

1 long brinjal – cut wedges, soak in water until required
150 gm cabbage – break into small pieces

1 small red carrot – peeled and cut wedges

1 tomato – cut wedges

120 gm tofu puffs/taupok – halved

100 gm shelled small prawns 

100 ml thick coconut milk 

750 ml water or enough to cover ingredients

salt and sugar to taste
100 ml oil

  1. Heat some oil in pot, saute salted fish bones for 1-2 minutes over medium low heat. Dish out.

  2. Using the same pot, add in remaining oil. Put in curry paste [1] and curry leaves. Fry until aromatic, then add in paste [II]. Continue to fry until oil separates. Add some water if paste is too dry.

  3. Add in vegetables in batches and mix well after each addition.  Stir fry ingredients until limp.  Add in some water for easier stirring of ingredients. 

  4. Add in fried salted fish bones.  Stir fry for a minute. 

  5. Add in remaining water [or enough to cover ingredients], bring to boil, then add in tofu puffs and coconut milk. Let curry boils for another 1-2 minutes.

  6. Add in seasoning to taste. Lastly add in prawns.  Stir to mix well.  Cover with lid to cook until vegetables are soft.  

  7. Off heat, cover with lid and leave to rest.

  8. Serve curry with plain white rice.

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