Cooking up a yummy vegetable dish just with Chinese cabbage. A simple yet delicious a quick stir fry vegetable where the cabbage leaves are cooked yet maintains the crispy, crunchy texture.  Seasoned with some vinegar and sugar, this dish is appetisingly good to go with rice.  Do not add waterRead More →

This dish is a comfort food to me as I love to cook it and store the excess, in the freezer.  Ready to serve whenever I cooked porridge or run short of dishes to serve.   Bascially, the common ingredients for this dish are pork and preserved vegetables [Mui Choy-梅干菜] whichRead More →

A lovely spicy Thai Curry Chicken that smells good and tastes good.  This curry tastes spicy, savoury, sourish and not sweet.  It is very fragrant with lemongrass, kaffir leaves and lime juice.  The appetising sauce gravy is thick and tasty, great to spread over rice.   Prepared with freshly blend curryRead More →

One more eggplant dish from my kitchen.  This time with dual colour eggplants [green and purple skin eggplants].  The green eggplants are fresh from the garden and you would not see much seeds inside while the purple one is already several days old.  You would see numerous brown spots, theseRead More →

The humid weather is sometimes  a deterrent to stay in the kitchen to prepare meals.  During such times, One Dish Meal dishes are most welcome so that you can be out of the kitchen soon before perspiration sets in.  Most of the ingredients are easily available in the kitchen.  EasyRead More →