Since learning how to ‘treat’ brinjals before cooking, I don’t mind cooking brinjals often as the cooking time is short and dish can be ready in minutes. You will probably see many fried brinjal dishes in time to come. The brinjals is cooked to soft yet the bright purplish colourRead More →

There are numerous versions and ways to braise pork trotters but some basic aromatics and seasoning ingredients are necessary and you will never go wrong. The basic aromatics and seasoning are ginger, garlic, spring onions, star anise, cinnamon or bay leaves, light soy sauce, oyster sauce and rock sugar. ForRead More →

Can say it has been a long, long while I did not hand knead my bread dough from stretch, think ever since I was using the electric mixer.  But now, I may have to knead with my hands as my electric mixer for 3 decades is ‘out of order’. BackRead More →

Many people will scrape away the purple skin of eggplant when frying as the bright purple colour will turned brown when one does not know how to prevent discolourisation.  There is one simple way that can help to retain its vibrant purple colour.  Try the method below [no boiling, steamingRead More →

August 3, 2020 marks half year of the Chinese lunar calendar.  Some Chinese families will prepare Kuih Ee as offerings to the deities or ancestors.  I do not follow this procedure, it is not a must for my family but with some extra free time, I did it. Anyway, withRead More →

This is probably the first time that I cooked hard boiled eggs in this ‘elaborate’ way, having to blend the sauce ingredients.  But the end result is worth the attempt.  According to the source recipe, this dish is rather spicy ‘pedas in Bahasa Malaysia’.  I did reduce the amount ofRead More →