A very simple omelette but wow is amazing. It tastes better than what I expected.  Bittergourd is supposed to be bitter but it isn’t. Blanching it before mixing with the beaten egg, speeds up the frying process and gives it a nice bright green colour.  A quick cook dish thatRead More →

I have been trying out some Thai dishes but I have not gone into recreating Vietnamese dishes at home. By chance, I came across a tempting picture of this Vietnamese food speciality that seems simple to prepare. It just needs marinating, frying and slow cooking until the sauce is stickyRead More →

For this year’s Rice Dumplings’ Festival [Duan Wu Jie 2020/ 端午节], again I made these savoury rice dumplings for the family and friends as it is our favourite and well accepted by many especially those who have tasted before.  This year, we have shared some of these ‘changs’ to someRead More →

Nasi Lemak [Coconut Milk Rice], this should be my third post on Nasi Lemak which is one of my favourite rice dish.  Both my hubby and myself love it.  We can savour this with any condiments but most important there must be sambal belacan for him.  A short description ofRead More →

Steamed Pork Ribs with Fried Tofu, can say is an extended recipe from my earlier posting on EZ Steamed Pork Ribs With Mui Choy with some variations.  For this dish, I have added fried tofu.   The steamed pork ribs are just tender, tasty, aromatic and tastes savoury with flavourful sauce. Do notRead More →

This is an Indian style Fish Curry, rather spicy though as I added a little more of the chillies.  I prefer spicy hot curries to really enjoy it. As usual, to cook curry you basically needs spices and aromatics  such as chillies, tumeric, cumin, fennel, shallots, ginger and garlic, justRead More →

After this recipe Steamed Rice With Pork Ribs, I just loved to cook pork ribs by steaming.  It is quick and easy, with steaming method and the dish is ready for serving within 10-15 minutes. The marinated pork ribs are so tasty and delicious to serve with either rice or porridge. Read More →

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Indian curries, this is another Indian curry chicken which I cooked.  This curry does not have coconut milk in it.  Again the seasoning is just salt.  Lots of onions are used together with tomatoes which I believed that flavours the curry withRead More →

Further to my previous post on ‘Fried Meatballs’, here I am sharing an extended dish using the fried meatballs to cook in sweet and sour sauce.  At my mom’s place fried meat patties are made for cooking BakStik [Minced Meat Steak With Sauce].  My mom’s recipe is awesome but hasRead More →

It has been a long, long while since I last fried pork meatballs.  Most times, pork meatballs are made for soups or noodles.  At my mom’s place fried meat patties are for cooking BakStik [Minced Meat Steak With Sauce].  My mom’s recipe is awesome but has more seasoning ingredients for theRead More →