What more can I ask for a dish like this during Malaysia’s MCO [movement control order], a government’s effort to control the Covid19 pandemic?  I am more than happy and satisifed with this dish. Home-cooked with simple ingredients and seasoning but it is definitely healthy, awesome and fuss free.   IfRead More →

As mentioned in my postings of braised meat dishes that tastes better after resting, this time around, I am cooking chicken drumsticks.  Great One Dish Meal dish.  The tasty sauce spread over hot white rice, just perfect.  I added some fried beancurd pieces [one of my favorite food ingredients] toRead More →

Always love this kind of recipes to prepare meat dishes.  After braising and resting, the meat pieces are full of flavours and goes well with a plate of steaming hot rice.  Of course, make perfect with some fresh vegetable salad and chill sauce if preferred.  Can use this dish forRead More →

This butter cookie dough is easy to handle, design stays after baking.  It is crispy, not overly sweet and buttery if you use good quality butter. I won’t mind using this recipe again when looking at the lovely shapes.  Just probably have to improve my skill of pressing out theRead More →