Supposed to be a meatless, vegetarian dish but since I have some prawns lying in the fridge, I just add them in.  If cooking vegetarian meal, leave the prawns out. A rather tasty, spicy delicious dish, simple and healthy.  Great to serve with rice. Ingredients 2 pieces firm beancurd [taukwa]Read More →

In this present age, almost everyone are always busy.  Busy working, daily routine chores, extra commitments and with the mobile etc. Seldom now we hear busy cooking.  When they are busy, the first thing to drop is cooking.  Just eat out!!! Complicated dishes are no longer welcome. This dish is simple,Read More →

Just back from overseas trip, missed my meatless dishes.  Out of over 30 main meals during the trip, there was only one meatless meal which I really enjoyed.  It was a vegetarian food buffet treat, a wide range of dishes and desserts.  The food  was delicious.  We were all smilesRead More →

Simple, homey dish that is nutritious and healthy for the family.  This dish is easy to prepare but tastes good with just a good quality soy sauce seasoning.  Extra flavours with the used of Dong Quai and wolfberries. The flavourful sauce definitely goes well with steaming hot rice. Ingredients [servesRead More →