This is a lovely claypot dish but prepared it in a non stick pan.  It is awesome, very aromatic with the Dong Quai, tasty, delicious with the seasoning ingredients. This should be a great dish for confinement ladies or anybody who wish to ‘energise’ the body. Not that difficult butRead More →

Please refer to my post on ‘Fresh Bamboo Shoots Pork Rib Soup’ about my fresh bamboo shoot story. These paus with bamboo shoots and mui choy filling is Awesome!!!. The pau skin is light and fluffy. The slightly sweet skin blends well with the savoury taste and flavour of the filling.Read More →

Just thought of  keeping record of this soup here and perhaps to share with readers on how easy it is to prepare a delicious soup with fresh bamboo shoots and pork ribs.  The bamboo shoots look something like this [image from google [Here]].   I was in Taiping last weekend to attendRead More →

One additional simple and healthy dish for the family.  Main ingredient is tofu and good quality light soy sauce. Tofu is a good plant source of protein, iron and calcium especially for vegan or many people who are cutting down on intake of meat.  It contains numerous or all nine essentialRead More →

Simple healthy dish with soya ingredients like tofu puffs and dried beancurd sticks.  Much easier if you can get the wet fuchok [no soaking is needed].  Preparation and cooking is easy, too. Ingredients50 gm dried beancurd stick [fuchuk] – soak in water to soften, drained and set aside10 tofu puffsRead More →

A very healthy vegetarian stock that is easy to prepare and has many uses.  Can be used as stock or soup for noodles and sauce for fried food such as firm beancurd or tofu or blanched vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. The stock can be seasoned with curry powder, whiteRead More →

Simple ingredients but do not underestimate the taste and goodness of this dish.   A meatless dish that is tastes awesome, not too overwhelming in taste.  Both the fried tofu and okra are smooth, soft and tender, suitable for all ages. Okra aka Lady’s Fingers is rich in nutrients, contains antioxidants. Read More →