Simple ingredients with chicken wings only and very basic seasoning.  It is easy to prepare without compromising its taste and flavours. Lovely homey dish that goes well with rice.   I believe this dish would be good to serve with blanched noodles with a sprinkle of chopped spring onions.  Kids wouldRead More →

This vegetarian fried noodles is easy to prepare yet awesome.  With the addition of crushed vegetarian ‘salted fish’ [kiam hoo] makes it even more appetising.  You would not miss meat but will love this meatless noodles. The sweetness comes from the cabbages and carrot.  Great to serve it with cutRead More →

This is a simple and homey soup that is quick and easy to prepare.  It is also a tasty and healthy soup that is good for the young and old. I love to enjoy the Buddha’s gourd that looks bright greenish in colour, so do not over boil it.  Also Read More →

Haven’t had enough of the fragrant pork belly fillings of my rice dumplings… Prompted me to prepare this dish which has the flavour and taste of it minus the glutinous rice.  Instead of using the dried chestnuts, I used arrow roots [ngaku].  I have intended to add a tablespoon ofRead More →

Simple braised pork belly recipe.  I recommend to prepare this dish in a slow cooker instead of using the wok.  It needs a long braising time for the meat to be tender and you may need to add more water in the process of braising. It tastes sweet and notRead More →