Tamarind flavor pork belly slices or better named as Assam Pork Belly.  The taste is like Assam Prawns [Nyonya Assam Hae].  The thin slices of  pork belly are fried till brown and some oil has oozes out, then stir fry with the tamarind sauce and seasoning makes this an appetizingRead More →

One of the many dishes that can be pre-cooked ahead of meal times is braised pork belly.   Of course, there are many versions of braised pork belly and each is as tasty and delicious.  Most times, I find that the meat tasted even much better after resting or reheated.   ItRead More →

This is a very simple chicken dish that is great for One Dish Meal to serve over plate of steaming hot rice. The lightly marinated chicken pieces [you can use chicken wings, boneless chicken whole leg etc.] braised with ginger, spring onions and soy sauce is tasty and delicious servedRead More →

A very flavourful pork neck dish.  This dish is adapted from a recipe for ‘Wuxi Spare Ribs’.  I have substituted spare ribs with pork neck meat slices [kak sim in Hokkien].  Glad that I tried this dish as it turned out to be very tasty.  The meat is tender butRead More →