This dish is simple and easy to prepare and tastes yummy-licious for a One Dish Meal.  Cook this to serve with rice with some blanched vegetables and mayonnaise spread makes a satisfying meal for the young and old in the family.  The chicken wings are browned by pan frying.  IRead More →

Prepared this simple soup for two with ingredients mostly available in my kitchen.  I believe most Chinese kitchen would have them too. This is a healthy soup with wood ear fungus [known to help to reduce cholesterol, improves blood circulation and lower blood pressure] and red dates [rich in vitamins,Read More →

Have leftover rice to clear off but not enough to make a plate of fried rice?   No worry, this recipe may be able to solve the problem. Mix a batter with it together with some shredded vegetables and eggs.  You get to enjoy some lovely rice/vege pancakes for breakfast orRead More →

Recently, came across this easy to prepare popular Taiwanese pork dish recipe.  If you have travelled to Taiwan, you would probably have tried and seen this pork rice dish sold all over the country.  I have tried several of the Lou Rou recipes which are yummylicious but could be aRead More →

This is a Chinese grandmother style home-cooked fried yellow noodles.  Not my grandma or mum.  My family style fried yellow noodles is without tomatoes or mushrooms.  We used prawns, meat slices and a must have ingredient is crispy fried shallots popularly known for this noodle ‘Hokkien Char’.   It is awesome.Read More →

I have been making numerous steamed paus/buns for ancestor veneration, thought I should steamed some rice cakes [huat kuih] for a change.  At times, I do worry that my huat kuihs [fatt gao] would not smile because I received feedbacks that their attempts to steam huat kuihs failed.  But IRead More →

As the meat is braising, you can smell the nice aroma of spring onions, soy sauce and wine.  The braised meat pieces are tender but chewy and the pork skin is awesome [QQ texture]. This portion is not enough if you enjoy pork belly meat.  I would  definitely prepared aRead More →