Just adding a bit of garam masala and curry powder to the usual soy sauce meat dish does make a change to the flavor and taste.  I  prepared this for Chinese New Year meals.   Love this dish because I can cooked long before meal time,  there is no rush forlastRead More →

Prepared this simple dish for Chinese New Year.  Simple but awesome.  The meat slices are tender but has a bite with the sweet aroma of the braising sauce.  Great to serve wrap with a piece of leafy salad greens. Are you tempted to pick up a slice to try rightRead More →

This is a  vegetarian dish which I will be preparing  for Chinese New Year meal.  As in previous years, there is a need to cook vegetarian dishes for my hubby’s siblings when they come visiting.  More and more of his siblings and relatives are on vegan meals.  Some are forRead More →