This savoury tofu dish recipe is from Irene Yong [you-tube]  which is easy to prepare yet delicious and healthy.  Thanks to Irene for sharing her recipes on  vegetarian dishes.Meatless dish, though but it is rich in protein from the tofu and mushrooms as it contain substantial nutrients, enzymes, vitamins.  Mushrooms are excellentRead More →

A very simple vegetarian dish with only 2 main ingredients, yet it is tasty and delicious.  The Chinese crueller pieces are crispy with its savoury taste which blends well with sweet taste of the fried louffa [petola].  An awesome combination and a quick cook dish.  Certain parts of the cruellersRead More →

This vegetarian fried noodles is easy to prepare yet awesome.  With the addition of crushed vegetarian ‘salted fish’ [kiam hoo] makes it even more appetising.  You would not miss meat but will love this meatless noodles. The sweetness comes from the cabbages and carrot.  Great to serve it with cutRead More →