This vegetarian fried noodles is easy to prepare yet awesome.  With the addition of crushed vegetarian ‘salted fish’ [kiam hoo] makes it even more appetising.  You would not miss meat but will love this meatless noodles. The sweetness comes from the cabbages and carrot.  Great to serve it with cutRead More →

This is a Chinese grandmother style home-cooked fried yellow noodles.  Not my grandma or mum.  My family style fried yellow noodles is without tomatoes or mushrooms.  We used prawns, meat slices and a must have ingredient is crispy fried shallots popularly known for this noodle ‘Hokkien Char’.   It is awesome.Read More →

Have you tried preparing Cantonese Wat Tan Hor using Kailan instead of Choy Sum?  For me, yes, ever since I prepared this Thai noodle [Rad Nah [Thai Flat Noodles in Gravy], I have been switching these 2 vegetables whenever I cook flat rice noodles.  Love the crunchy, bright green leaves inRead More →

One comfort food for a quick simple meal over the weekend.  Fried yellow noodles top with a thick soup of mixed ingredients.  Tasty and delicious served with a spoonful of precooked tom yam chilli paste if you prefer noodles spicy. Ingredients[serves 2]300 to 350 gm fresh yellow noodlesa small bunchRead More →