Irresistible traditional Steamed Vegetable Dumplings using a unique translucent wrapper to wrap the simply delicious fried jicama.  The wrapper is made from wheat starch and tapioca flour, is chewy when steamed.  Many may be a little cautious about the fat content in this kuih yet can’t resist having a biteRead More →

A quick and easy steamed pork ribs dish.  No long braising time to tenderise the pork ribs.  By steaming for just 20-25 minutes [depending on the size of the cuts], the dish is ready to serve. This is a homey, comfort food, tasty to serve with rice or porridge.   TheRead More →

Steamed Pork Ribs with Fried Tofu, can say is an extended recipe from my earlier posting on EZ Steamed Pork Ribs With Mui Choy with some variations.  For this dish, I have added fried tofu.   The steamed pork ribs are just tender, tasty, aromatic and tastes savoury with flavourful sauce. Do notRead More →

After this recipe Steamed Rice With Pork Ribs, I just loved to cook pork ribs by steaming.  It is quick and easy, with steaming method and the dish is ready for serving within 10-15 minutes. The marinated pork ribs are so tasty and delicious to serve with either rice or porridge. Read More →

Delicious steamed chicken dish.  For me, just this one dish with rice is a complete meal for dinner.  Savour this dish straight out of the steamer, steaming hot, you get to smell the nice aroma of sesame oil.  The chicken pieces are succulent and juicy. Ingredients 2 chicken thighs –Read More →

Please refer to my post on ‘Fresh Bamboo Shoots Pork Rib Soup’ about my fresh bamboo shoot story. These paus with bamboo shoots and mui choy filling is Awesome!!!. The pau skin is light and fluffy. The slightly sweet skin blends well with the savoury taste and flavour of the filling.Read More →