This is probably the first time that I cooked hard boiled eggs in this ‘elaborate’ way, having to blend the sauce ingredients.  But the end result is worth the attempt.  According to the source recipe, this dish is rather spicy ‘pedas in Bahasa Malaysia’.  I did reduce the amount ofRead More →

About Me Kimmy In my blogs, I record and share my baking, cooking adventures and my mom’s home cooked family recipes. Separately, I record and share my travel experiences, food reviews and family occasions, too. View my complete profile Welcome To This New Blog Here I share simple, easy andRead More →

A simple and easy to prepare omelette filled with loads of satisfaction and benefits. Tofu is much healthier than meat, an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals without the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat.   Eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals suchRead More →

A very simple omelette but wow is amazing. It tastes better than what I expected.  Bittergourd is supposed to be bitter but it isn’t. Blanching it before mixing with the beaten egg, speeds up the frying process and gives it a nice bright green colour.  A quick cook dish thatRead More →

It is curry time again.  Just this curry is enough for a satisfying  meal with rice.  I have been looking through some Indian curry recipes and realised that it has the least seasoning.  Many only uses just salt.  The reason probably is that Indian curries use many types of cookingRead More →

This recipe was from a friend.  She explained it is very easy to prepare and I give it a go as my preserves is soon finishing.  I have being making caramel kaya with this recipe which uses 5 eggs and half of portion of this coconut milk of this recipe.  So ifRead More →

Never underestimate the outcome of a simple recipe. A simple omelette recipe could turned out to be an awesome dish that you would enjoy and say it is a keeper.   This spinach [Pui Ling] omelette is what I meant as an example.  I have prepared this several times and loveRead More →