Just thought of  keeping record of this soup here and perhaps to share with readers on how easy it is to prepare a delicious soup with fresh bamboo shoots and pork ribs.  The bamboo shoots look something like this [image from google [Here]].   I was in Taiping last weekend to attendRead More →

This is a simple and homey soup that is quick and easy to prepare.  It is also a tasty and healthy soup that is good for the young and old. I love to enjoy the Buddha’s gourd that looks bright greenish in colour, so do not over boil it.  Also Read More →

Prepared this simple soup for two with ingredients mostly available in my kitchen.  I believe most Chinese kitchen would have them too. This is a healthy soup with wood ear fungus [known to help to reduce cholesterol, improves blood circulation and lower blood pressure] and red dates [rich in vitamins,Read More →

Dried Figs are known to have numerous benefits such as: – Improve digestion – Helps in losing weight – Prevents hypertension – Rich in antioxidants – Prevents heart diseases, cancers – Good for diabetes – Strengthens bones – Cures Iron-deficiency anemia – Improves reproductive health Anyone looking for the aboveRead More →

Chinese New Year time, there was so much of meat leftovers, either cooked or uncooked in the fridge in most families. Fortunately, this does not happen in my home but my friends. I would not overstock these items. I was given some roasted pork on several occasions. Normally, I wouldRead More →