This braised chicken drumsticks is another One Dish Meal dish that I prepared for lunch.  I think is Day 44 of MCO.   It can be called ‘Hoong Siao Chicken Drumsticks’ as the ingredients and method used is close to the any ‘Hoong Siao Meat’ recipes.  Mostly using ginger, garlic, springRead More →

One Dish Meal, my favourite choice of meals to serve during MCO.  Just one dish complete with protein and an assortment of vegetables should suffice for a simple at home. The chicken pieces are marinated before pan fried until golden and then cooked with sweet and savoury plum sauce.  SureRead More →

MCO, no regular outdoor exercises and activities.  It is important to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.  My friends say must eat more protein food to boost our immune system to fight Covid19.  Much ideas have been shared but is  it possible to follow, hmmm……Nope, I cannot, best isRead More →