August 3, 2020 marks half year of the Chinese lunar calendar.  Some Chinese families will prepare Kuih Ee as offerings to the deities or ancestors.  I do not follow this procedure, it is not a must for my family but with some extra free time, I did it. Anyway, withRead More →

This is probably the first time that I cooked hard boiled eggs in this ‘elaborate’ way, having to blend the sauce ingredients.  But the end result is worth the attempt.  According to the source recipe, this dish is rather spicy ‘pedas in Bahasa Malaysia’.  I did reduce the amount ofRead More →

Love this kind of simple and easy recipes generously shared over you-tube.  Only a few steps to prepare, yet it is appetising and satisfactory for a meal with rice.  I believe even a novice cook can recreate this dish to savour in the comfort of their home. The meat slicesRead More →

Awesome fried belacan chicken that is not difficult to prepare.  I am not a fan of fried belacan chicken but these fried chicken pieces taste good.   It is aromatic, flavourful and tasty, not savoury with a mild sweetness that is acceptable.  The chicken meat is succulent and slightly crispy.  GreatRead More →

A homey, colourful stir fry tofu puff dish that is tasty and delicious.  Very economical to prepare at home for the family.  It is a very healthy dish too, with all the colourful ingredients. A dish which can be served with rice or porridge.  It would be great to useRead More →